Everything you need to know about a great lash cleansing routine!

When your lash artist is offering you a lash cleanser, you may think ‘Do I really need this in my life?’, “Can I not use something else?’ – Believe me, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED IT! It’s the best product you can get for your lashes!








While buying a new cosmetic product, we always check out the list of ingredients. Why? To be sure that what we use will actually work and will not do more harm than good. It is the same with a lash cleanser – it goes straight on our eyes, so come on – let’s make sure we use the right thing! London Lash Pro Foam Cleanser contains ingredients that will help you keeping your lashes healthy and clean.

Firstly, it contains tea tree oil which is widely known for its antiseptic qualities and its gentle, natural cleansing properties. This key active ingredient will help you avoid eye infections such as Blepharitis, whilst also giving out a beautiful fresh smell!

Another amazing ingredient is Lauryl Betaine – known for its hair and skin conditioning characteristics, which make it the perfect addition to a lash cleanser! If that wasn’t great enough, it also creates a rich lather and helps the product to eliminate oil and dirt leaving the skin clean and soft. Remember, the shorter list of ingredients – the better for our skin 🙂


Now you know what’s inside, but why do you need it?

You should be aware that without proper eye hygiene, you will be more prone to an infection – dirty lashes equals eye infection. Using a lash cleanser will also prolong the retention of your lashes, making you and your lash artist happy – you will enjoy your lashes for a longer time and your lash artist’s work will be easier: WIN – WIN 💪🏻


So how do you use London Lash Pro Foam Cleanser?



It couldn’t be simpler! Dispense a single pump of a foam onto the fingertips and massage gently into the lash line. Rinse with cool – lukewarm water and voila! Lashes are clean, soft and healthy 🙂 Don’t forget to dry them with a tissue or paper towel to absorb water and brush them – it will keep them fluffy!



I hope that this short explanation will convince you how important it is to clean your lashes, and next time you will leave our salon not only with beautiful lashes, but also with a new lash cleansing routine! ❤️



Karolina Swiderska,

Salon Manager
London Lash Pro Master Artist and Trainer


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