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Lash lift is a NEW treatment that is a lash enhancement treatment. Lash lift adds thickness, length, and curl to the natural lashes. It is also an amazing alternative to eyelash extensions.

It is also recommended for clients that for any reason: need a break from eyelash extensions, are allergic to eyelash extension adhesive or prefer a more natural look.

During lash lift treatment, we are lifting your natural lashes on special silicon shields. After that, using special products, your natural lashes are given a new, more curly look! There are various types of silicon shields, hence we can achieve slightly different results, to adjust them for your individual needs. Your Lash Artist will choose the curl that will be most suitable for your natural lashes and your eye shape.

The long-lasting results are visible after just one treatment!

After the treatment, you can use mascara or any other eye make up products and the lift just stays. No more lash curlers!

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