Myths about Russian lashes

There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding Russian lashes, particularly regarding them looking fake and unnatural or are heavy. Let’s address a couple of these myths:

  1. Myth: Russian lashes are type of lashes.
    • Fact: Russian lashes refer to a specific technique used in eyelash extensions. They involve applying multiple ultra-fine extensions to one natural lash, creating a fuller and more voluminous look. These extensions can be made from various materials, including synthetic, silk, or mink. The term “Russian” is often used to describe the volume and fullness achieved through this technique, not the authenticity of the lashes. They are real extensions applied to natural lashes by a certified technician.
  2. Myth: Russian lashes look fake and unnatural.
    • Fact: The appearance of Russian lashes, like any other eyelash extension type, depends on the skill of the lash technician and the preferences of the individual receiving the extensions. When applied by a trained and experienced professional, Russian lashes can provide a natural and voluminous look. The key is to choose an appropriate length, thickness, and curl that complements the client’s natural lashes and facial features.
  3. Myth: Russian lashes are heavy.
    • Fact: Russian lashes, when applied correctly, should not be heavier than other types of eyelash extensions. The technique involves using multiple lightweight extensions on a single natural lash, allowing for a voluminous look without adding excessive weight. If the lashes feel heavy or uncomfortable, it may be a sign of improper application or the use of extensions that are too thick or long for the natural lashes.

In London Lash studios we do understand it’s crucial to communicate your preferences and concerns with your lash technician before the application process. Our skilled technician will consider factors such as the health of your natural lashes, your desired look, and the appropriate weight and length of extensions to achieve a result that looks and feels natural.

As with any beauty treatment, individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to seek services from reputable and qualified professionals to ensure a positive outcome. In London Lash Studios in Altrincham and Manchester city centre we have expert lash specialists with a lot of experience. We’re known for our skill in applying lash extensions, making sure each client gets a personalized and high-quality service. In London lash studios iy is all about enhancing natural beauty with precision and professionalism, giving customers the best lash experience possible.

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