A few words to explain the difference between Classic eyelash extension and Russian Volume, and who will benefit from wearing each of them.

1547131903124.JPEGStarting with the Classic – one to one eyelash extension which is a very simple method of adding the length and curl to natural lashes. During this treatment only certain thickness of lashes is used starting with 0.10 – the thinest lashes for Classic, next will be 0.12 – slightly thicker, 0.15 and 0.18 which is considered as pretty thick – suitable only for very healthy and thick natural lashes. There are also thicker lashes like 0.20 or 0.25 which are being phased out from the lash industry because they are too heavy for most natural lashes to support.


Classic extension provides very natural, mascara effect. It looks the best when applied on thick and healthy eyelashes. Because those lashes don’t add any volume the amount of extension will only be equal the amount of natural lashes suitable for application. I came across situation that a client (with loads of natural, dark and thick lashes) after doing a full set of classic extension asked for half of them to be removed because it seemed too full for her. What is more, the thickness of those lashes should be chosen based on the thickness of natural lash and also the effect we want to achieve.

1547131946235.JPEGWhen choosing Russian Volume extension the desired effect in most cases is fullness.

It can start with a very natural effect by doing 2-3D lashes (the number next to “D” is an indicator of how many lashes are applied per one natural lash) and finish with a mega volume lashes from 9-16D!!! Yes, 16 super thin lashes applied to one natural lash. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? The lashes used during application are much thinner comparing to the Classic. Thickness of 0.10 can be used to do only 2D lashes, 0.07 to create fans between 2-5D, 0.05 for 4-8D and there are also 0.04 or 0.03 for mega volume. Choosing the right thickness and volume for each individual client is crucial for the health of their lashes when doing Russian Volume sets. Because those lashes are very light they will be suitable not only for clients with very healthy and thick lashes but also for clients with thinner or sparse lashes. Their main role, on top of adding curl and length, is simply adding volume which helps to create even sets, as there are many ways to play around with fans. 1547131320987.JPEG

Quite often clients start with Classic lashes and after they get used to having longer and curlier extension, they change for the volume which offer much more visible effect. When choosing between Classic and Volume the most important factors to consider will be how healthy, strong and thick natural lashes are, if they are full or maybe thin and sparse and the final effect that client would like to achieve. The best lashes are the ones that meet clients expectations.

Aleksandra Borkowska
Lash Artist
Assistant Manager at London Lash Studio

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