The spring shed

78640461-D746-449D-9F9D-637705E3CF82What is a spring lash shed? Why does it happen? And how to take care of your extension in this period?


The spring lash shed begins in February/March and can last for about 1 to 2 months. It is the time of the year, when we start losing more hair than we would in the summer and winter (as it also happens in the autumn). We not only lose more hair from our scalp, but also from eyebrows and eyelashes. To replace the hair that are gone, there will be plenty of newborn/baby, yet thin hair, growing. Which after a few weeks will become strong, healthy hair.

The cause of the shedding is the change of the hormone level in our body. The exposure to the sunlight increases, which reduces production of melatonin, and that interferes with hormone levels. There is nothing to worry about. It is totally normal and a part of our nature.

How to take care of the extension in this difficult period?

As a lash artist you should first educate your clients, so they are aware of the increasedD239C951-BA89-4720-8718-2381F006C9F4.JPEG shedding in this period of time. Make sure they know what it is, when and why it happens. Reassure them that it’s only temporary and it will get back to normal after 1-2 appointments. Offer more frequent infills or even break from wearing extension. For those who are willing to wear lashes constantly –  using thinner lashes and less volume, will be helpful. In this case the new born, small lashes will not get overburden by applying heavy volume on them.

After a few weeks everything will get back to normal. Lashes will be grown, healthy and ready to carry the extension and protect our eyes from summer sun. The same process called autumn shed will happen again this year in September/October. But I will remind you about this closer to the date.


Aleksandra Borkowska

Lash Artist
London Lash Assistant Manager


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