The most wanted treatment of the year – Lash Filler®!

With the beauty industry rapidly growing, there is a constant development in the lash treatments as well. Whether it is a new product, or a new method – there is always something that will blow your mind and exceed everyone’s expectations.

I’m sure that at least once, you have heard about lash lift treatment, that was invented to give a permanent curl to our natural lashes and was accompanied by the tinting process at the end. What if I tell you, that you can forget about lash lift? That there is something new, a revolutionary treatment that will not only give you the curl, lift and darkness but also the thickness?!

Yes, it is all possible, and all in one treatment! Ladies and gents, let me present to you the most innovative treatment of the year – LASH FILLER®.

Lash Filler® treatment, was entirely developed in sunny Italy in 2016 by Tatjana Shcherbyna and her husband, and has been launched in the lash industry in 2018. For two years, scientists, chemists and lash experts were working to develop the most revolutionary treatment, that will give the clients totally new results.

Lash Filler treatment

So what is Lash Filler®, you wonder?

LASH FILLER® is an innovative treatment that guarantees high product quality and reliable results that are clinically proven by University Institute in Italy. The excellent results certify a thickening of the hair, on average, up to 24% in diameter! Not only you will have beautifully curled and lifted lashes but they will also become thicker. 

How does it work? The original formula of the In Lei® “FILLER 3” allows the micro particles of the filler to penetrate inside the hair gently, bonding to the keratin fibers of the hair itself. Thanks to the “Three Regeneration” complex, and to the proper preparation of eyelashes with In Lei® “FORM 1” and In Lei® “FIX 2”, it guarantees a stable result and great effectiveness of nourishment and thickening giving new silkiness to eyelashes.

The LASH FILLER® treatment has the ability to reach the hair roots, feeding them and working also in the following months after the treatment on the structure of the hair bulb. Furthermore, In Lei® “FILLER 3” promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes in the hair.1547921796704


It all sounds like a proper science but the excellent results speak for themselves! It is the first treatment that gives you clinically proven results and has the ability to work inside the hair follicle.

The treatment itself, can be performed with our without tinting, but always resulting in an improved condition of natural lashes. After 3 treatments, you can significantly notice an increase of thickness in your natural lashes!


Karolina Swiderska
Salon Manager
London Lash Master Trainer


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