We live in the era where as women we are being judged constantly. At the same time we live in the world where we want to look and feel good. We care about our loved ones and our career and we care about how we look and what message we sent to the world. Hairdresser, manicure, facial, eyelash extension and good clothing can definitely help us feel more confident in today’s world. Some might say that the knowledge, diplomas, and what you have to say are the most important things, but hey, it’s 2019 where pictures and videos are dominating, and showing the best side of yourself is important.

Let’s get to the point. As the lash industry is growing rapidly, here are 5 things you should know before booking your next appointment with any eyelash technician.


IMG_15701. Do your own research – unless you have a recommendation from your best friend you trust infinitely, you must google the place you are going to go for your eyelash extension treatment. Check their website, Instagram and Facebook. Running social media nowadays is a must and not having an account on those platforms, makes us doubt if the place actually exist. Have a look at the pictures of their work and make your own judgment, if this is something you would be willing to have applied onto your natural lashes? If yes, then see point 2, if not, keep searching. If you are not sure, then remember that pictures should show nice, clean and symmetrical, lashes that compliment face features.


2. Check the price list – and make sure that you are happy to pay certain price for the services. There will be lash artists charging £30 for a full set and there will be others who will ask for £200. What is the difference? Someone who is just starting their career, might be happy with a lower rate, because they need to gain experience and they might be slow at the beginning. However, someone who will charge a lot, not necessarily have to be a master in the craft. Make sure you know the cost of the service and that you won’t feel overcharged. Higher price will also be an indicator of lash artist investing in her skills – by taking different courses and becoming better in her field. The more educated your lash artist, the safest your lashes in her hands.

3. Check the reviews – if someone has been on the market for a while they should get written reviews either on Google, their


website or booking system. Customers’ testimonies work as a social proof. The more good things people say about the place or services, the more trust that place will gain. Of course that each review is subjective, but knowing someone’s opinion about the place can help a lot.

4. Ask questions – if you don’t know the difference between Classic and Russian Volume, if you don’t know what to choose from the lashes menu, if you have any doubts, questions or are willing to get more knowledge about the eyelash extension – your lash artist should be able to answer them for you. If she’s doesn’t know the answer, she should at least try to find out and meet your expectations. The knowledge comes with the practice, so the more experience the better. Remember that you need to trust your lash artist and you need to feel safe that she knows what she is doing. And if you don’t, you will only get disappointed.

5. Last but not least is the time of the treatment. If someone is offering semi permanent eyelash extension either classic or Russian Volume that takes 30min to 1hr for a full set, that is probably a treatment that can damage your natural lashes and get them stuck together due to wrong application. Semi permanent eyelash extension is a time consuming treatment, and of course for an experienced technician will take much shorter for a full set, but you can’t expect magic in less than 1hr30 or 2hrs (unless you only have a few sparse natural lashes). I totally understand that time is money, for both lash artist and client, but for the health of your own lashes choose wisely someone who can decent job in the right time schedule.


Aleksandra Borkowska

Lash Artist
London Lash Assistant Manager

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