In the gallery you will find pictures of all the sets we offer in London Lash. First of all have a look to find the one that seems the most appealing to you. Secondly you can show the picture to your lash artist, hence she will know what is your desired look.  By checking the before and after gallery you can most likely get an idea of what is possible to achieve on you natural lashes.

Starting with the very natural lashes through glamorous to dramatic, we will do our best to guide you thoroughly.

Classic eyelash extension provides the most natural, mascara-like effect. The lashes applied will make your natural lashes look longer, thicker, darker and curlier. However it will not add any volume. Those kind of lashes will look their best on healthy natural lashes.

Natural Set provides light volume and fluffy look.  The extension will make your natural lashes look longer and curlier. The volume added is ideal for clients with healthy lashes as well as those with sparse lashes.

Glamorous set gives a full, dark and eyeliner effect. Additionally, for all our volume sets we use very thin synthetic lashes which will not overweight your natural lashes. The final effect depends on the amount of your natural lashes and may very from person to person.

Dramatic Set is the fullest volume set available in London Lash Studio. To create dark and very full effect we use thin, synthetic lashes suitable for natural lashes. Dramatic Set is recommended for someone who has very healthy lashes and is looking for a WOW effect.